The Location

A mountainside retreat high above the city, with panoramic vistas that give a sense of space while also containing intimate gardens with floral borders and connecting terraces lending support to your contemplative experience

Our Students

People from any walk of life who find a desire to touch an authentic sense of being, with heart and mind; beyond the push and pull of ordinary life

Our Practice

Ancient yet simple. Meditation is life; attention, appreciation, reveal a basic stillness that is your own. A recognition that cultivates balance, clarity, and confidence. Wisdom that is a foundation you can build on.

Our Leader

Dhammaji comes from a background of monastic training in the earliest buddhist meditation and essentials of contemplative life. He is ordained in an authentic buddhist lineage and comes to us using basic language and a personable approach that emphasizes needs of the individual.

The mission embraces individual spiritual mentoring, institutional instruction, social outreach, educational and literary training and research.

Online Booking

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