Sustainable Hotel

At Casa Estrella, we are committed to sustainability, to taking care of the beautiful environment around us and leaving only a green footprint. To us, sustainability also means you, our guests. Many work demanding jobs, live in busy cities where the pace is relentless, and when they come to our wellness center in Valenciana, on a hill overlooking beautiful Guanajuato, they can finally take a moment to breathe.

So our mission of wellness includes nurturing the wellness of not only our guests, but also our planet. We have found many ways to combine the two. Your body will respond to the serenity of reconnecting with nature by walking throughout our grounds, especially our multi-tiered botanical garden with its wide variety of flowering plants and native trees and shrubs.

Solar panels on the roofs provide heat to our rooms and swimming pool. We collect rainwater in cisterns for use watering our many plants. You’ll find a compost bin in every kitchen so that we can produce natural fertilizer for our organic garden, where you are invited to harvest chard, cilantro, peppers and more for your evening meal. We cultivate bee-friendly plants throughout our property, botanical garden and vegetable garden, and support a reforesting project in the mountains which nurtures 70 beehives.

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